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Martinsons has been producing glulam since the mid 1960s and is one of the Swedish industry leaders in developing modern glulam technology. The structural engineered wood products comprise a number of layers of dimensional lumber bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesives. In relation to its weight, glulam has a higher load-bearing capacity than either steel or concrete. This makes it an ideal choice for construction of buildings with a large span width and flexible floor plans.

Martinsons glulam. The raw materials are sourced exclusively from the spruce and pine forests of northern Sweden, where access to high-quality timber and high production capacity results in a high continuity of supply.

Easy to process. When large pieces of timber are used, more rapid assembly is possible, making it a cost-effective solution. Glulam can be processed using traditional hand tools and it simplifies installations.

 A smart climate choice. Martinsons’ glulam products are produced from renewable raw materials in a process that has minimal climate impact.

Sustainable forestry. Martinsons’ knowledgeable and experienced timber purchasers help the region’s forest owners take appropriate measures to ensure active, healthy and sustainable forestry activities.

Environmental awareness every step of the way. Martinsons’ facilities are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and many of our products have CE marking. We are also able to supply FSC® Certified products (FSC®-C107490) for the traceability of raw materials.




Glulam beams and posts

Stock Range Glulam is manufactured in spruce as standard. Stocked dimensions and lengths may vary. Other dimensions can be produced against order.

Stock range


Certifications and performance guarantees for Martinsons glulam

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Quality glulam buildnings

Martinsons frame systems in glulam and cross-laminated timber have been designed to make optimal use of the special characteristics of wood and advantages of using it in construction. The result is a flexible system that offers freedom of design for many uses.

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