Research and Development

Martinsons’ leading position in Swedish wood construction is largely attributable to its dedication to always developing new, smarter ways of using wood. Over several decades, Martinsons has acquired industry-specific expertise and it is always adding new, young and inquisitive talent to its team. Our experienced experts work in collaboration with young, innovative engineers and designers, which creates a natural forum for development and innovation.

External collaborations

Martinsons also has a long history of collaboration with external partners. We collaborate with a wide range of partners, such as research institutes and academia (e.g. SP Trätek and Luleå University of Technology), along with architects, industrial builders and others in our industry. They, along with our own talented and experienced employees have been instrumental in fuelling development in our industry.

Function, sustainability and cost effectiveness

When you choose a Martinsons’ wood construction solution, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. This applies to function, performance and cost-effectiveness. We are constantly striving to develop new ways of using wood in construction, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. And we do this to ensure that we will always be able to offer future-proof products and solutions that are truly sustainable. Both today, and for future generations.