Martinsons always has a comprehensive approach to sustainability and future-proof construction. Our focus is on the overall solution. This applies to our behaviour and working methods, selection of materials and partners and every other step through to delivery of the end products to our customers. We must, quite simply, focus on many aspects of sustainability. Our success depends on that. Only then can we truly do our part, inspire confidence and help create a sustainable society.

Of course, the products we offer play a key role in our work with sustainability. We make optimal use of the special characteristics of wood and advantages of using it in construction. It enables us to offer innovative, cost-effective solutions entirely based on renewable raw materials sourced from sustainable, long-term forestry activities. Our products are made from wood and as such, they bind carbon dioxide throughout the entire lifespan, which makes them eco-friendly.

Future-proof environment

Many companies have high ambitions when it comes to the environment. However, we can only really boast that we offer smart climate choices when products and solutions meet the functional requirements AND are cost-efficient. We’re convinced that, through collaboration and a goal-oriented exchange of knowledge in our industry, we can reverse the trend and help alleviate the negative climate effects.

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Sustainable forestry

We base our operations on quality raw materials sourced from the forests around us. For this reason, treating the raw materials with respect and promoting sustainable, long-term forestry activities comes naturally to us. In our wood procurement activities, we always consider biological diversity, forest growth and future value.

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Social responsibility

Social aspects are another important component of sustainability. We can contribute to society, helping to bridge gaps, rather than widening them. We participate in various initiatives that help the region thrive. For example, we offer training and opportunities for youth to explore the possibilities and satisfaction that comes from working with nature, technology and wood.

We also take social responsibility by supporting various local clubs and associations. Most of our sponsorship is focused on sports and culture, but we also collaborate in community-building, forest and environmental initiatives.