Sustainable Forestry

Martinsons is always working with preventative environmental improvements with the goal of lowering the environmental impact in all parts of our operations. We carry out responsible, environmentally conscientious forestry activities that minimise the negative impact on the environment.

  • Our forestry operations help ensure that forestry and environmental policy objectives are met. In fact, our consideration for the environment often exceeds what is required by law.

  • Trees that reach maturity in thriving forests are harvested. New trees are planted and the felled trees are converted into products that are a substitute for materials that have been manufactured from fossil resources. It’s a biobased economy that is very effective in helping lower greenhouse gas emissions.

  • We plant many more trees than what are harvested. The increase in Sweden’s total forest resources corresponds to what would be used to construct a multi-story building every five minutes.

  • Harvesting trees for use in construction is always going to be a better choice than other options. And, unlike materials manufactured from fossil resources, there are no scars left behind in nature with products made from wood.

  • We only use timber that has been harvested from local forests, so transport distances are short, with an associated smaller carbon footprint.