Quality Sawn Wood from Martinsons

After nearly nine decades in the industry, we have built up an organisation with highly experienced employees and the very latest technology. Our products have been designed to make optimal use of the special characteristics of slow-growing pine and spruce trees sourced from forests in northern Sweden and advantages of using it in construction.

Guarantee of a consistent high quality

Over the years, Martinsons’ shipping labels has become a well-recognised symbol for high, consistent quality in the Swedish market and internationally.

Shipping labels

Reliable supply of wood products

Martinsons sawmills are the foundation for all operations within the Group. The two sawmills complement each other and production has been allocated with the aim of maximum utilisation of sawing capacity.

Production capacity


Raw material

Martinsons has always based its success on various ways of processing lumber sourced from the forests of northern Sweden. The strength of this timber is fundamental to the high quality that Martinsons has become known for.